When these beauties are installed on your wheels there's no need to carry a second lock or cable. No special key needed, only a 15mm wrench. Using a gravity locking system, your wheel can only be removed when your bike is upside down. A primary u-lock, cable lock, or chain lock will prevent the bike from flipping when secured to a fixed object. Includes a 5mm hex wrench for easy install/uninstall. Coated with weather protectant to help prevent corrosion.

Key Features:
  • Unique light-weight skewers prevent wheel theft for quick-release hubs
  • Lock and unlock with special key
  • Locking Skewer, Locking Wheel Skewer, Security Wheel Skewer, Bicycle Wheel Security, Keyless Security
  • Easy-to-carry attaches to any key-chain
  • 130mm Front
  • 150mm Rear

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